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a conference for outland-ish ideas

august 26, 2023
palm springs, california


* schedule is subject to change

0800h coffee & registration

Fun in Synthetic Bio

by Keoni Gandall of Sporenet Labs

I've been having fun doing synthetic biology and biohacking for the last decade, and here I present some of my most fun projects over the years for your enjoyment! This talk is primarily aimed to inspire curiosity and spark conversation on all the amazing things biology can do in a lightning-talk pitch for each idea. Including, but not limited to: the DEFCON Bitcoin-DNA challenge, rickrolling flies with a gene drive, mitochondria as docker for cells, mass distribution of genetic parts using spores and the postal service, genetic engineering golden rice at home, open sourcing ALL the enzymes, designing synthetic DNA with Golang, indexing petabytes of sequencing data, manufacturing an open DNA synthesis chip to ruin the greedy corporations, and building life from chemicals.


Denoising the Challenges of AI Image Generation

by Joyce Lee of OpenAI

The rapid evolution of AI image generation technology has transitioned it from a niche research topic to a tool accessible to the general public. As AI becomes more prevalent, apprehension about its implications has grown. This talk will explore the capabilities and limitations of AI image generation, positioning it as a sophisticated assistant that augments human creativity rather than replacing it. We will also delve into the methods and techniques employed to achieve higher quality and more aligned AI image generation models, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers, artists, and other stakeholders. By understanding the nuances of AI image generation and its potential, we can harness its capabilities to enrich human creativity and unlock new avenues of innovation.

1102h break

Putting a compiler in a web page

by Brian Carroll of NoRedInk

Some programming languages have web pages where you can try out the language and see how it feels. But what if you don't want to pay for a server to run the compiler on? What if you want to be immune to traffic spikes from Hacker News? Brian tells us about some interesting design decisions the Roc programming language made.


Print Inspired People-Computing

by TyChi of Sillyz.Computer

Computers, Paper, and Humans have played Rock, Paper, Scissors since Abacus, Papyrus, Sapiens. While computers themselves are the abject definition of bravado and brawn, they lack the brain of paper. Cloud services rain, hard drives corrupt, bits rot, and yet paper persists. In this presentation, we consider the relationship of how computers and humans have collaborated across space and time through paper. If the medium is the message, what is paper trying to tell us? Starting from the language of music, we follow the exploration through how the web was formed and connects us all.

1302h lunch

Accessible Applications with Elm

by Tessa Kelly of NoRedInk

Web apps built with Elm benefit from the simplicity of the Elm Architecture and of pure functions. Using Elm also means that many online examples of accessible components can't be followed directly, and it means a limited number of plug-and-play accessible open source components. This talk will explore accessibility considerations and patterns in the Elm context. Although you won't need to be an expert in either accessibility or Elm to get something out of this talk!

1502h break

From Concept to Reality: Qualitative & Quantitative Research for Early Stage Outland-ish Ideas

by Brett Bejcek of Rewind.ai

Creating a product that truly resonates with your target user is challenging. This talk equips you with a toolkit for qualitative and quantitative research, empowering you to transform your outland-ish idea from concept to reality.


Event Sourcing

by Greg Young

Do you lose data? Really go check your system is there an UPDATE statement in it? If you have a single one you are losing data. How did you determine the value of the data you lost? In this talk we will get into what Event Sourcing actually is and why it might be interesting for your projects.


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